IGuzzini brings comfort with IWay collection 

Designed by architect Jean Michel Wilmotte the iWay collection from IGuzzini keeps evolving in terms of technology and shape. In their most recent design update, they have developed a new innovative optic, patent pending, which is able to guarantee super visual comfort, excellent horizontal effects with higher interdistances, and two lighting distributions.

The design is created to completely hide the light source from view, including in compromise situations such as sitting down. As for the horizontal effects the iWay is able to illuminate the horizontal plane uniformly, eliminating the shadow at the base of the bollard. The bollards feature two lighting distribution options: 360 and 180.

There is also an option for a full cut-off version, which eliminates luminous intensity for angles greater than 90 degrees by directing the entire flux to the ground. This is a great option for helping reduce light pollution.

With its compact and elegant design the iWay bollards fit well with a variety of architectural elements. Available in a square and round shape and several new finishing options, including rust brown, gray, and black.