Introducing Palco Low Voltage Spotlight by iGuzzini


Palco Low Voltage Spotlight

Palco Low Voltage Spotlight

Palco Low Voltage extends iGuzzini’s collection of micro dimension Palco projectors and profilers with multiple solutions in 51mm, 35 mm and 19mm diameters and low voltage power. Opti Beam optic technology produces a well-defined beam with no double-ring effects and an extraordinary level of visual comfort. Projectors with Spot, Medium and Flood distributions and multiple cones are available, as well as a Wall Washer for excellent vertical distribution and profilers for creating geometrical light shapes with sharp, precise outlines. Up to two accessories can be mounted simultaneously in order to adapt and aim the light beam and a twin swivel feature offers +/- 90° tilting and 355° rotation. Single or group track installation with optimized spacing and bar for wall mounting. Ideal for installation in museum, retail, and hospitality & living applications.

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