Tailored Lighting™ by Finelite is HERE!

Recalibrate your expectations. Let your imagination soar. LEDs have changed the way we light spaces. Let #FINELITE show you better lighting, Tailored Lighting – lighting color-tuned to your preferences, tailored to your requirements, to your expectations, to your design.

What is Tailored Lighting?

• Any length greater than 2 feet, in increments down to 1/16th-inch

• 90-degree mitered corners in a single plane

• HP-2, HP-4, and HP-6 standard options expanded

10-Year LED Warranty10-Working Days Shipping

Tailored Lighting is beautiful lighting that saves energy and increases visual comfort and satisfies every occupant.

Ask your Dulanski Representative about Tailored Lighting of visit www.finelite.com/home