The Scrovegni Chapel

The Scrovegni Chapel

Light is Back. New light for Giotto at The Scrovegni Chapel provided by iGuzzini.

Our own Principal Valerie Sloan and other members of The Dulanski Group witnessed this historical beauty first hand.  “It was quite a stunning visit,” commented Valerie.  Take a look at how iGuzzini brought the light back to this historical gem.

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EXCERPT FROM IGUZZINI: With IoT technology, the Scrovegni Chapel heads into the future iGuzzini continues its commitment to enhancing the world’s cultural heritage by illuminating the masterpiece of another Great Maestro. Following its renowned project that brought new life to Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, the company launched an innovative IoT lighting system at the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua that allows Giotto’s frescoes to be enjoyed as they have never been before. The new lighting solution makes artificial light interact dynamically with natural light and automatically adjust the colour temperature and intensity to constantly achieve the best possible viewing conditions. This groundbreaking application of intelligent lighting to the cultural heritage integrates LED luminaires, innovative environment sensors – specifically designed by the startup WiSense – and Internet Protocol software.

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LaserBlade & Palco