VLT is the official NA distributor of MaxiLED.

MaxiLED’s protocol uses Data over power technology to deliver unrivaled performance and superior cost to traditional DMX wiring. MaxiLED lighting simplifies installations, reduces material use, and most importantly reduces installation time.

About MaxiLED Lighting

The background for their patented technology is based on simplicity. They found that installing DMX cabling was not only very costly, but more seriously often resulted in a lot of problems simply due to complicated installations. The logical way to do controllable light, even DMX controllable light, is utilizing the more simple electrical wires, and that is exactly what MaxiLED developed. Their protocol works using Data over power technology which has unrivaled performance and is superior in cost and result to the traditional DMX wiring, providing you with a unparalleled competitive offering to your customer.

MaxiLINK is a device designed by MaxiLED lighting to combine data over power allowing DMX Data to be sent down the same line as the power. This eliminated the need for an additional data cable to be installed resulting in HUGE saving in installations and drastically lowering the chances of connection and water ingress issues.

MaxLED offers a full line of fixtures that work with this new technology.  View the full offering at