Kirlin Cleanroom Rated Luminaires

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Lighting Fixtures Play a Key Role in Infection Prevention.

Did you know that Kirlin Lighting has a full line of Cleanroom Rated Luminaires?

Kirlin Lighting offers 12 unique, award-winning models of Cleanroom ISO 5 Class 100 rated sealed fixtures (housings and trims) which prevent particles larger than 5 microns from passing through the fixture. This protects both patient spaces (Protective Environment Rooms) and plenums (Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms). IP65 / IP66 rated sealed and gasketed trims prevent contaminated solids (dust) and airborne (sprayed) liquids from entering the luminaire through the trim / lens assembly.

All Kirlin Cleanroom rated luminaires include IP65 / IP66 rated trims. The sealed, perforation-free housing protects the entire luminaire from contaminants.

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Kirlin is dedicated to reducing HAI by providing superior lighting solutions which help prevent infection propagation and transmission. Read their related White Paper to learn more.