When Recessed Lighting Becomes Part of the Architecture

The recessed lighting throughout the space highlights the use of the Sistemalux Multiple Small luminaires.

Multiple Small is available up to 1300 lumens and only 14 W replaces halogen and low wattage Metal Halide luminaires. It is most suited for small scale commercial and residential lighting applications where scalable lighting solutions are required. Highly reliable thermal design ensures long lasting performance and color consistency.

Needing a decorative flair with performance?

Sistemalux’s BOLLA offers an industry leading LED platform that yields reliable color consistency and output performance during the life of product. The collection of pendants is available in 4 sizes 8″, 12″, 16″, 20″ and a choice of white or metallic gray hardware.

This project uses products from both VLT and Sistemalux.

The shelves are beautifully illuminated with VLT’s Linear 7SL Series.

http://vltcorp.com/#LED/VLTLED/Linear/7SL Series

Location: New York, NY –

90 West Amenity

Lighting Design: EDGNYC

Featured Manufacturers: Sistemalux , VLT 

Agency of Record: The Dulanski Group