In case you needed some ideas on what can you do with Pixels – WAC Lighting put together this great list!

1. CUSTOMIZE IT for warmer light or to mimic daylight with a wide range of color temperatures.

2. BEND IT and CUT IT! PIXELS unique design and ability to be field-cut translates to a light sheet that can be easily shaped and even used around obstructions.

3. STICK IT, TACK IT, OR STAPLE IT. With a 3M adhesive backing and open squares indicating where it can be tacked or stapled through, PIXELS can be easily secured to any surface.

4. IMAGINE IT! Skylight? Backsplash? Home theater? Backlit stone countertop? Engineered for 2-wire or 3-wire dimming, it works with standard house-type wiring or more sophisticated controls networking.

You’re only limited by your imagination. Ask us about it at The Dulanski Group or visit WAC Lighting for more details.