Unique design, great value!

The Dulanski Group most often chooses the following two designs as the “Go To” for the code requirements for NY.

Ask us about them.

Curva DLC

Edge-lit Exit

The Curva is the newest generation edge-lit exit from Beghelli.Designed to adapt to your environment, the Curva features a pivot system that allows the Curva to be installed on a wall, ceiling or sloped surface.

Easy to specify, easy to install, the Curva is a universal edge-lit exit that is available in AC only and self-powered versions.

OL2 Exit DLC

Surface/Recessed/Mullion Mounted Edge-Lit Exit

The OL2 series has been developed with style, ease of installation and dependability in mind.Utilizing indirect LED technology, the OL2 provides and edge-lit exit sign with even light distribution.

The OL2 can be wall or ceiling; surface, recessed or mullion mounted.

The OL2 can be configured for AC only, AC/DC and self-powered operation versions.

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