Color Amplifier by GVA Lighting – Automatic Maximization of Lighting Performance in Multicolor LED Luminaires

Take the time to see how this amplifying technology can increase your overall light output and reduce the number of luminaires required for your projects.

  • 2 to 3-time increase of light output in specific colors in four color luminaires
  • 2 to 3-time reduction in number of luminaires to achieve the same color effect
  • Significant cost saving due to lower number of fixtures required, as well as upon installation
  • Additional flexibility in lighting design
  • Automatically sets the maximum possible light output for any color or any combination of colors

COLOR-AMP™™, GVA’s award winning technology, solves this issue by unlocking the unused power and light output. COLOR-AMP™™ is a smart algorithm that enables automatic full utilization of the luminaire’s available power and thermal properties to achieve the maximum lighting output of individual colors as well as combination of colors when the total allowable power does not exceed the fixture’s limits. The limiting factors for maximum light output of the luminaire’s LED can be its thermal design, the ambient temperature, the maximum output power of the embedded power supply, the maximum specified current through the LED’s die or LED driver(s), the operational thermal limits for all electronics, the mechanical components and the materials used in the luminaire’s construction.

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