HL Blade

GVA’s new HL® BLADE #LED luminaire is now available! What a great addition to the product line.

The new HL Blade features a direct-view illuminated panel to create enthralling #colorchanging demonstrations of light for large-scale #architectural applications.


Lighting: 18 x Monochromatic LEDs or 16 x RGBW clusters per 300mm (1ft)

Mechanical Details:

    • Through-wiring via sealed snap-in connectors
    • IP66 sealed body design
    • 5W maximum power consumption per 300mm (1ft); 16W per 1m (3ft)
    • Flame retardant polymeric body
    • A41 Architectural grade anodized mounting profile

Control: Addressable per 300mm (1ft) module

To learn more, visit http://gvalighting.com/products/hl-blade/

#lighting #design #engineering or ask a member of The Dulanski Group about it!