Meridian Square

Meridian square is new and eye-catching, making a statement with it’s modern look and retro air.  The simple profile complements today’s modern styles.  “We have taken the popular ring fixture of today in a new direction” says Cindy Vera RedDoor, VP of Sales & Marketing.  Mix the Meridian Square and Meridian Round in the same installation for an even bolder statement.

Meridian Square is an LED luminaire with color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 4000K. Power supplies are integral and provide 0-10V dimming down to 10%. Meridian Square’s luminous diffusers are evenly illuminated while providing incredible performance ranging from 4000 to 15200 delivered lumens and up to 87 lumens per watt.

The extruded aluminum trim can be finished with any of Visa Lighting’s 16 paint finishes, brushed aluminum, or Visa Lighting’s exclusive, eco-friendly alternative metal finishes. Three size options allow designers to group them or hang them individually for an individual design statement.