PALO ALTO’s Inspiration 

Inspired by the beauty of trees, Vibia’s Palo Alto Outdoor LED lamp is the perfect fit for your outdoor lighting needs. With its angular silhouette, the Palo Alto seamlessly blends with the outdoors.

The Palo Alto collection is available in 4 styles with enhanced lighting features to facilitate landscape integration. The designer can choose between Brown D1 and Green M1 finishes.

The minimalist design features steel and up to three LED arms that cast a diffused, ambient glow. The Palo Alto is available in heights of 110 in, 115 in, 131 in, or 138 in. The angle of the LED arms can also be slightly adjusted to better blend into their outdoor setting.

The Palo Alto is also equipped with a lED that features premium optical lenses. The upper “branches” are studded with a series of 15-watt LED modules resulting in a comfortable, glare-free light.