Vibia’s Tube Personalization 

Designer Ichiro Iwasaki’s award-winning Tube pendant and ceiling lights are now available for personalization. The modular collection features a network of simple tubes that channels light to different shades. The steel conduits create a beautiful landscape of lines and angles on the ceiling, similar to a retro map.  They can connect up to four different shades, which are available in four gray finishes. These shades can be positioned anywhere with adjustable heights as well.

In order to create your personalized Tube pendant, go to Vibia’s Professional Area tab on This will then led you to the step-by-step process of personalizing your own design for the Tube fixture.

In choosing to customize your Tube fixture, you open up a wider range of possibilities. Up to four shades can be combined with a single canopy and ceiling and pendant lights can be mixed if desired. Once you have selected your desired shades, you then can select where you want them placed.