VLT- EssentialEDGE Adjustable Shelf Lighting Systems

Visual lighting technologies changing up displays is easy with the EssentialEdge Adjustable Shelf Lighting System. Powered adjustable shelves light up wherever they’re placed, without the need for wires or connectors, and provide a remarkably simple solution for any application where shelf positions must change frequently. The system components – busbars, conductive plates, bracket mounts and bracket screws – are available as an accessory option with any EssentialLEDs linear fixture, and combine with special wire exits to create a display where the lighting easily follows the shelf. Busbars are powered by a single remote driver (96w max), with the left side carrying the positive DC current and the right side carrying the negative DC current. Perfect for retail environments where merchandise changes frequently, amazing for residential applications where homeowners can easily change up shelves at a whim.VLT EssentialEdge